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Microscope Housing

Description Quantity Part Number Manufacturer Notes Approx. Cost
Main Body 1 Main_Housing.SLDPRT Protolabs $200 @ qty=10+
Filter Cover 1 Filter_Cover.SLDPRT Protolabs
Fixed Focusing Tube 1 Fixed_Tube.SLDPRT Protolabs
Focusing Slider 1 Focusing_Slider.SLDPRT Protolabs
Baseplate 1 Baseplate.SLDPRT Protolabs

Mics. Assembly Parts

Description Quantity Part Number Supplier Notes Approx. Cost
Thread-forming Screws, M1, 3mm length 11 96817A704 McMaster Carr Used for attaching housing parts $11.74/pk
Set Screw, 0-80 Thread, 3/16" Long 2 92311A054 McMaster Carr Used to lock focus and scope in baseplate $2.86/pk
Magnets 6 D101-N52 K&J Megnetics, Inc. Used in baseplate and bottom of main housing $?/pk




Description Quantity Part Number Supplier Notes Approx. Cost
Miniature Precision Torx Driver, Size T2, 1 52995A24 McMaster Carr Used for thread-forming screws $7.12