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Our miniature fluorescence microscope uses wide-field fluorescence imaging to record neural activity and network structure in awake, freely behavin mice. The functional design of our microscope is similar to a table top wide-field fluorescence microscope with the following key differences: 1. All nonessential componets have been removed 2. The table top objective was replaced with an imaging objective GRadient Index of Refraction (GRIN) lens 3. The miniature fluorescence microscope does not use any infinity optics 4. The excitation light source is a super bright LED rather than a lamp or laser 5. The optical filters and dichroic mirror are custom cut to minimize their size and weight 6. A small CMOS imaging sensor is used to record emission light instead of a large CCD, emCCD, or sCMOS camera. 7. Adjustment of focal plane is done by moving imaging sensor not objective

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