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Main Housing.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs Main body of the scope
filter_cover.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs Thin plastic that covers filter slots
Mounting Base.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs Base that scope attaches
threaded cap_square Plain.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs CMOS PCB mounts to this
threaded tube_square_tall Plain.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs Guide tube for focus adjustment
weighted_cap.SLDPRT 1 Protolabs GRIN Lens cover
D101-N52 1 K&J Magnetics, Inc. 1/16" diameter x 1/32" thick. Axially Magnetized
92311A054 1 McMaster Carr Set Screw 18-8 Stainless Steel Cup Point Set Screw, 0-80 Thread, 3/16" Long
96817A704 1 McMaster Carr Thread-Forming Screws for Thin Plastics M1x3mm